Friday, June 27, 2014

Captain's Log: Trip Day 22. We have now traveled over 5750 miles. We are in Chicago today and will be home tonight.

C: Restaurant Review. The Tea Steakhouse in Tea, MN. I ordered a NY strip and it was excellent. They have a very strict aging process. Do not drink the Tea in Tea though (battery acid). SJ will describe the tea below. My favorite restaurant was a Deli on the mountain behind Monterrey, CA

SJ: The Tea in Tea: was like iced coffee with no sugar ,it din't even taste like coffee, it was bad.

FF: I had an AMAZING steak sandwich. I had it well done, and it was perfect!  

LMN: I ordered a small T-bone steak and in reality it was quite large. I ordered it medium well but it came medium. It was still very good.

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  1. Captain is a little tired. ..he left out a thousand miles.... :)