Friday, July 4, 2014

Appendix A: Signs, Signs everywhere a sign... and smartphones

Captain's afterthoughts: You see many signs as you drive around the country. Advertisements, Instructions, rules of various kinds, directions, warnings about what they will do or charge you with if you were handing candy to the middle row and didn't see or disregard other signs, Information, etc. Double fines in construction zones. Possible elk ahead. Possible deer jumping over road.  Riptides possible! $600 fine for littering. 6% grade. Crooked road. The prairie dogs have the plague! (my favorite from the Badlands).

However there are some places without signs that should have them. While traveling some rural roads in New Mexico (on our way to Carlsbad Caverns) we noticed what was obviously a government site with lots of odd looking buildings. There was a sign which said WIPP facility. MP looked up the facility and found that it is a nuclear waste storage facility in an abandoned salt mine. After further investigation there was a leak that emitted "unknown amounts of radiation" into the New Mexico air. 

I have read a number of the reports and news stories about the site and leak. I would like to propose a new sign for the area.

" Possible kitty litter enabled radiation leaks/explosions possible next unknown number of miles"

"Your inappropriately-cut tax dollars at work"

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